Self-Publishing Basics

Keep all the RIGHTS and 100% of the PROFITS from publishing your work!

Authors who have been published traditionally are now self-publishing their work. The beauty of self-publishing is the possibility that, when done properly, you retain control of your creation, the rights to publication and all of the profits resulting from your work.

If you work with a supportive company who understands your goals and the best way to reach them, your self-publishing experience can be a satisfying one.

Self-publishing your book involves a lot of decisions. You probably have a digital manuscript and an idea about the way you want your book to look.  Now what?

Knowing what questions to ask your book publishing provider is the first step, getting good answers is the next. Mira Digital Publishing believes that the more transparent the process, the easier it is to navigate.

The free books we offer will answer many of your questions; so will the rest of the items on our drop-down menus, or Call us at 1-866-341-9588. We’re here to help.