Sales and Fulfilment

Sell your book in Mira’s online bookstore: When you print your book with Mira, arrange to place up to 20 books in our warehouse. Direct your customers to and we will do the rest.

You set the sale price and we process and fulfill the orders. You can link to our bookstore directly from your website or mention the address in your blog or printed materials. It’s simple – no stocking fee, no trips to the post office, no invoices to prepare, no trips to the retail bookstore to pick up any unsold books.

Your quarterly profit checks will consist of 80% of the sale price of all books sold through our system, not including shipping. You will be notified when your stock is running low in time to reprint more copies. No contracts to sign, no up-front fees. You may cancel at any time and simply pay the shipping cost for us to return your books.