Marketing Basics

Marketing is sending the right message to the right people, in the right media, at the right time so that your message is received and acted upon.

Marketing is getting your book noticed by the people you want to read it.
• Mira offers Press Release Services, Website preparation, eBook distribution to the most common online markets, and Printed Sales Support materials.

Marketing is making sure your book is professionally prepared and ready to compete on the bookshelf, online and on a variety of electronic devices.
• Mira carefully reviews your files for common publishing errors and non-standard content. We offer professional design and layout services, on site, for our clients who need these services. We also offer File Conversion to ebook formats and ebook distribution services.

Marketing is providing sales support materials that you can supply to retailers when you are featured at a book signing, speaking engagement or convention.
• Mira offers our clients “Marketing Your Book”, our brochure with samples and prices for items most often used by authors to publicize their book: postcards, bookmarks, author cards, posters and flyers.

While other companies offer Marketing Packages, Mira offers our clients individual services that you can use to tailor your marketing efforts to your particular book and your specific market. Ask your Publishing Consultant for more information.

SALES is making sure that your book is easy to buy.
Mira offers our Online Bookstore to our clients for easy ordering and fulfillment.