LCCN Registration

Application to the Library of Congress for a LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) is a fee based service.

Mira Digital Publishing will apply for a LCCN for your book at your request, with your assistance with regard to the information necessary to fill out the application form. Once the book has been printed, Mira will send a printed copy of your book to the Library of Congress for their consideration.

Please note that the LCCN indicates that the book is being considered for inclusion into the collection housed in the Library of Congress; it does not indiate that the book had been selected. The selection process may be very lengthy due to the number of books applying. The library does not notify the authors that the book has been selected, but selected books will appear in the library’s database when it is updated.

Note: The following are currently ineligible for an LCCN:


books which do not indicate publication in the United States of America on the title page or copyright page

previously published books

books with fewer than 50 pages (genealogies and children’s books are the exception to this rule)